Moving Domain Names From One User To Another In Direct Admin

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When you are migrating from one Direct Admin environment with the built in backup / restore functionality you are able to migrate data on a "per user" basis.
It is not possible to migrate data belonging to specific domains from one user to another out-of-the-box.
I found this link where this is exlpained to make this possible.

Migrating / Moving the domains from one user to another

  1. Go to Reseller Panel → Manage User Backups and make a backup of the user who owns the domain you want to transfer.

2) Login as that user, go to User Panel -> Domain Administration -> Change domain name, and change the name of that domain to something different (ie: from to This is done so that you can restore the domain on the other account without DA complaining that it already exists.

3) Go back into the Reseller Panel, and create the a new user. Set the domain to the actual name of the domain you want transferred. If the user already exists, then just create the domain through the User Panel -> Domain Administration menu.

4) Take the backup from step 1, and rename is from olduser.tar.gz to newuser.tar.gz, where newuser is the name you are transferring TO and olduser is the name you are transferring FROM.

5) From Reseller Panel -> Manage User Backups, select newuser.tar.gz and restore it into the newuser account. This should set all the data from the domain into the new user.

6) Once you've verified that everything is correct and as it should be, log back into the olduser account and delete